English Services

The most advanced, comprehensive English assessment & instruction services are easily accessible through Wellspring Higher Education's affiliated brand, Wellspring English. WebCAPE and AM English are instruments that will precisely measure the language skills of international students and fully prepare them for academic success at United States colleges & universities. 


Wellspring English is proud to offer you the opportunity to take the WebCAPE free of charge. WebCAPE is an online tool that assesses language skills of students.  It is a very useful instrument if you are trying to increase your English skills before you take an English proficience exam, such as the TOEFL, as an admissions requirement for U.S. colleges and universities.

WebCAPE was developed by Brigham Young University and is required of all international students by over 400 universities in the United States.

This assessment in divided into 3 sections:

  • Grammatical English skills
  • Written English skills
  • Oral English skills

The program increases or decreases the difficulty of questions presented to students based on the answers given. Through this leveled approach, a good understanding of the skill level of the student is achieved.

WebCAPE is not a replacement to the TOEFL. These schools all required the TOEFL as well. The WebCAPE is used in addition to the TOEFL to assess your English proficiency and to determine the appropriate level of English as a Second Langauge support (ESL Support) that will be required if you are accepted and chose to enroll.

In fact, we reccommend WebCAPE to prepare for the TOEFL as the WebCAPE can provide accurate, thorough assessment of English proficiency in about 30-45 minutes.

AM English

Wellspring English is proud to partner with AM English to provide first class online English language instruction designed specifically to help international students interested in applying to your institution develop academic English language skills. The program is specifically designed to help potential applicants learn the English language skills that are required to attend your institiution and succeed as a college student in the United States. There are exercises included in this instruction to improve international applicants' English language understanding, pronunciation, and writing. A total of 14 units are available for studnets to explore and develop their English skills.

The program is a great way to increase English language skills prior to taking the TOEFL or your institution's language proficiency exam.

Wellspring English is pleased to make the entire AM English system available to you at the low monthly cost of $25 per month. Please contact a representative for more information about ordering this program to better prepare international applicants for admission and enrollment at your institution.