Teacher Education Services

Expertise in Online Teacher Education
Through our National Teacher Education Center (NTEC) brand, Wellspring Higher Education specializes in supporting the delivery of alternative teacher certification programs. These on-the-job programs require unique services that often fall outside of the scope of a traditional university. To support alternative certification programs NTEC provides placement and mentor support services.
Program Design Services
Whether a university has a existing certification program or wants to expand into teacher certification, National Teacher Education Center's design team has the experience necessary to guide the university through the program design process.  From initial conception to state approvals, NTEC works with schools of education to design performance-based programs grounded in state-required teaching standards and requirements. The result is a highly innovative program that supports high-needs content areas and ultimately expands the footprint of the university.
NTEC also offers online program assistance. Working with your institution, NTEC reviews your existing online programs, using the program strengths as a platform to design an outstanding online education experience. We analyze curriculum and develop the best strategies for implementing the program.  Experience has demonstrated that a successful program for the institution, as well as the student, lies in solid and innovative design. We strive to incorporate the most up-to-date tools to make the online environment not only comprehensive and interactive, but easy to navigate.
NTEC can also manage your current online program. We thoroughly analyze your program to determine strengths and weaknesses. Based on those findings, we make a recommendation for implementation. From there, NTEC executes that recommendation. Our goal is to continually examine the program to ensure that the optimal program design is running, benefitting the student, and in turn, benefitting the partner that we represent.
National Teacher Education Center employs marketing strategies to bring qualified candidates to the programs offered at your institution.  We analyze the specific attributes of your program offerings and develop a plan to best target the audience of future educators.  We then develop and deploy an advertising program. Components of the plan range from SEO/pay per click and social media to traditional media vehicles such as print and radio. Throughout the campaign, we continually assess how we are performing through analytics and media analysis, refining the program to maximize lead generation.
NTEC recruitment advisors have expertise converting leads to completed applications. A key factor in the success of an academic program is guidance of the candidate through the recruitment and admissions process.  NTEC recruitment advisors work closely with potential students providing information and assistance to complete the process. The result is an increased number of completed applications.  Employing a tailored technology solution, we can access student information readily and effectively convert leads to submitted applications. Our college partners then make admissions decisions and enroll the most capable students.
Placement Services
Alternative certification candidates must have a teaching job to complete their program. An NTEC placement specialist works with school districts to identify shortage areas and fill those jobs with candidates from our alternative certification program partners. The NTEC placement specialist assists candidates with the development of a resume and coaches students through mock interviews.  It is essential that the placement specialist maintains a relationship with the local school community and NTEC works diligently to make this a reality.  By doing so, many of our graduates interview and are placed within those communities.
Mentor/Coaching Services
The high quality alternative certification programs offered by NTEC’s university partners include intensive classroom based coaching. Using NTEC’s  proven Mentor/Coach program our university partners successfully support candidates’ development as teachers. Each candidate is provided with a coach who visits his/her classroom and provides one-on-one coaching on a regular basis. NTEC sets up the coaching system, identifies qualified coaches, recommends those coaches to the university, and then manages their work in support of students. This one-on-one relationship is an asset to the program as it provides the student with a ‘go to’ person with the knowledge and experience to guide them through their coursework and, ultimately, make them successful in their own classroom.