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In order for international sutdents to succeed in their studies at institutions in the United States, they must first master academic English. Wellspring English's mission is to help students who are preparing to study in the United States to comprehensively understand the English language. We do that by offering WebCAPE and AM English, advanced language tools, to students around the world.

Developed by Brigham Young University--the international leader in English education--WebCAPE is an online English assessment that measures English proficiency in grammar, reading, and listening. The proficiency levels are predictive of success on the TOEFL, but more important, they predict success in the classroom. So mcuh so that over 650 US institutions require the WebCAPE in addition to the TOEFL to determine placement.

AM English is the premiere online English language instruction program for students planning to study in the United States. It has been reviewed and recommended by ETS, the makers of the TOEFL, as preparation for the TOEFL exam. AM English is also used by US colleges and universities to help students with beginner English in order to learn the language so they can succeed academically.

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