WSHE Brands

Wellspring Higher Education

Wellspring Higher Education is an education services company that specializes in helping your institution build and market programs both on campus and online. WSHE focuses on domestic efforts while NTEC specializes in educational programs, Wellspring International concentrates on international markets, and Wellspring English focuses on English assessment and instruction. Through Wellspring Higher Education, your institution can expand its market for potential students, cultivate new approaches to recruiting, and expose your brand more effectively. 

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National Teacher Education Center

Through our National Teacher Education Center (NTEC) brand, Wellspring Higher Education specializes in helping schools to develop and market their teacher education programs. In particular we specialize in on-the-job alternative certification programs. Our services also include development of online content to support your school of education as well as marketing and recruiting programs for your traditional teacher certification programs at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. 

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Wellspring International Education

Wellspring International Education partners with colleges and universities to recruit international students into both traditional and online graduate and undergraduate degree programs. By helping to market your institution's programs globally, Wellspring International strives broaden recruitment opportunities to ultimately increase enrollment.

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Wellspring English

Wellspring English will provide you with unparalleled English evaluation and preparation tools to help your candidacy throughout the college application process and real-world success in school. With the right instruments, you can improve your English skills to increase your attractiveness as an applicant and prepare sufficiently to succeed in college.

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