Higher Education Services

Increase Enrollment
Wellspring Higher Education partners with academic institutions to provide enrollment services.  We work with our partners to determine the needs of the institution and develop the best strategies to improve the performance and efficiency of enrollment activities.  Those strategies include, but are not limited to: marketing, recruitment, and retention. 
Through Wellspring Higher Education's specialized marketing strategies, we help bring qualified candidates to the programs offered at your institution. We analyze the specific attributes of your program offerings and develop a plan to best target the audience of potential students.  We then develop and deploy an advertising program. Components of the plan range from SEO/pay per click and social media to traditional media vehicles such as print and radio. Throughout the campaign, we continually assess how we are performing through analytics and media analysis, refining the program to maximize lead generation.
Online Program Design & Development
Working with your institution, Wellspring Higher Education reviews your existing online programs, using the program strengths as a platform to design an outstanding online education experience. We analyze curriculum and develop the best strategies for implementing the program.  Experience has demonstrated that a successful program for the institution, as well as the student, lies in solid and innovative design. Wellspring strives to incorporate the most up-to-date tools to make the online environment not only comprehensive and interactive, but easy to navigate.
Wellspring Higher Education can also manage your current online program. We thoroughly analyze your program to determine strengths and weaknesses. Based on those findings, we make a recommendation for implementation. From there, Wellspring executes that recommendation. Our goal is to continually examine the program to ensure that the optimal program design is running, benefitting the student, and in turn, benefitting the partner that we represent.
Wellspring Higher Education recruitment advisors have expertise converting leads to completed applications. A key factor in the success of an academic program is guidance of the candidate through the recruitment and admissions process.  Wellspring recruitment advisors work closely with potential students providing information and assistance to complete the process. The result is an increased number of completed applications.  Employing a tailored technology solution, we can access student information readily and effectively convert leads to submitted applications. Our college partners then make admissions decisions and enroll the most capable students.
Many institutions understand how to measure the ROI from advertising as a function of new enrollments. From our perspective, enrollment is only the first data point. A program cannot be truly successful unless the institution provides effective customer service and program delivery to maximize student retention. Wellspring Higher Education's retention services are designed to ensure that enrolled students succeed and graduate. 
Wellspring will track student retention and provide each student with a single point of contact to navigate his/her interactions with the various departments of the university. From advising to registration to financial aid, students want to feel like the university is responsive to their needs.  Wellspring works closely with our academic partners to ensure that is the case. Our advisors guide students through the registration, course selection and financial aid processes ensuring that each student's issue is addressed by the university in a proactive and timely fashion, that tasks are completed, and the communication loop is closed.  The dialogue between student and advisor continues throughout the program, from the first course registration to graduation, resulting in student satisfaction and success.