International Services

  • Full Service Recruiting
    Through our affiliated brand, Wellspring International Education, Wellspring Higher Education offers full-service international recruiting. At Wellspring we know that results matter. That’s why all of our international recruitment services provide a turnkey solution designed to ensure results for your institution. From leads, through application to enrollment Wellspring will be with you at every turn. With Wellspring International Education, your global recruiting efforts will result in international enrollments.
    Undergraduate Recruiting
    Wellspring International Education's lead system draws from over 10,000 Chinese high school students who are enrolled in supplementary language education. These students are introduced to your institution through both traditional and virtual college fairs.
    We supply additional candidates by organizing custom college fairs and high school visits throughout the year.
    Traditional College Fairs
    Three times per year Wellspring International Education organizes a multi-city tour where your institution has the opportunity to meet international students. We encourage institutions to send representatives to these events, but if this is not feasible, Wellspring International can provide representation on your behalf.  
    But meeting students is just the beginning. Our lead flow system allows us to recognize attendees who are interested in your institution and, through our enrollment services, Wellspring International can help you convert attendees into enrollees.
    Virtual College Fairs
    Wellspring International Education also hosts virtual college fairs in which groups of interested international students can meet with your admissions representatives via video conferencing. This gives your staff an opportunity to talk with prospective applicants throughout the admissions process and directly answer student questions.
    Greater access to international students through these virtual college fairs results in leads that can be delivered to your institution.
    Enrollment Services
    Wellspring International Education's enrollment services includes full-service application processing. This allows Wellspring International to follow up on leads with representatives who are on the ground in China and deliver complete, fully documented files to your institution for consideration. Once your admission staff has made an admission decision we facilitate communication between the student and your institution for the purpose of enrollment. This ensures clear, effective communication during the enrollment process.
    Retention Management
    Wellspring International Education understands that retention is just as important as recruitment in all of your institution's efforts. However, retention is especially challenging with respect to international students. Providing bilingual retention representatives both in the United States and in China enables Wellspring International to help your institution maintain effective communication not only with your international students but with their families back in China.
    Wellspring International Education provides the same high quality retention management services that Wellspring Higher Education offers domestically. As with domestic students, a program cannot be truly successful for international students unless the institution provides effective customer service and program delivery to maximize student retention. Wellspring International's retention management services ensure that enrolled students succeed and graduate.  A one-point of contact approach assists students in navigating the various departments of the university, from registration to financial aid. Advisors guide students throughout the programs in order to address issues they may have proactively. The result is student satisfaction and success.
    Graduate Recruitment & Executive Education
    Through relationships with corporate and governmental units in China, Wellspring International Education generates cohorts of students interested in both graduate and executive education programs. These programs are generally organized on a contract basis and may either involve Chinese students attending programs delivered in the United States or American programs delivered in China.
    As is the case for undergraduate recruiting, Wellspring International Education provides application and retention services.